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Check out the page below to learn what to expect when you choose to go on an adventure with us.

2018 Trip Details

August 17th - 19th, 2018
Cornelius, OR

Biking Schedule

Friday, August 17

10:00 am Meet at New Seasons Market

                1954 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202

10:30 am Ride out, includes lunch stop (bring your own lunch).

5:00 pm (approx) Arrive at basecamp 

Sunday, August 19

11:00am Leave basecamp and bike to Hillsboro MAX

3:00pm Arrive at New Seasons Market

Location & Amenities

Basecamp is a private homestead that sits among the rolling hills and wineries of Cornelius, Oregon. Our host's name is Francine, and she is enthusiastic to share her space with our group. 

The address is 8035 SW Iowa Hill Rd. Cornelius, OR.

Basecamp includes:

- Private bathroom with sink and toilet

- Hot water for your own meal prep

- A shared outlet for phone charging (may be limited access due to number of participants)

- Pond for swimming, and shade for relaxing

- Are cute goats considered amenities?!

Basecamp map.jpg


Link to Route:​ 

To Camp:

There will be one guided group ride on Friday. We'll depart from NE Portland and ride 35 miles. The route takes us through the West Hills and into rolling farmland. We will prioritize rest breaks, water and snacks. No one will be left behind.


Starting location to Forest Park (Thurman Entrance) is ~5 miles.

Chapter 1: Forest Park 

~10 miles, gradual climb on packed dirt and packed thick gravel. We will be riding over rocks that are stuck in the ground, and there are a few small areas with gravel that moves as you ride over it.

*Tip: When you're riding on gravel, keep steadily pedaling as best as you can. This helps to glide over the surface. Relax your handlebar grip as much as possible, and breathe. 

Larger tires are recommended if you have the option.

Chapter 2: Downhill Springville Rd.

~4 miles, long descent on smooth, 2-lane pavement road.

*Tip: When going down hill, pulse your brakes rather than grabbing and holding them. Pulse both brakes at roughly the same time. Adjust your body positioning back on your bike. You can also sit up slightly to use your body to increase wind resistance.

Chapter 3: Through The Parks

~6 miles, protect paved bike path through connection of city parks. 

*Tip: Keep an eye on the bike lane, and stay right for oncoming bike/pedestrian traffic. Signal/announce when group is slowing down to avoid a pile up.  

Chapter 4: Main Street & Country Road Home Stretch

~10 miles, protected bike lane on Main St. and Country Roads. We will stop in Hillsboro (approx half way) for drinks and snacks prior to our last few miles to camp. If you are biking independently using the Ride with GPS cue sheet: take note that the route ends shortly before making it to base camp; keep the address handy for reference.

*Tip: Use hand signals and communicate verbally to group when needed. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

To Portland:

On the way home, we will be biking to the Hillsboro MAX station, landing downtown, and then biking over to our SE starting location.


You're welcome to "exit" the ride home at any point and go your own way.


Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday will consist of coffee, hard boiled eggs and fixins for oatmeal. If you would like to eat anything other than this, please bring it on your own. 

Lunch is not provided. You will need lunch or snacks on Friday; we will stop in a park to eat. Lunch on Saturday is also on your own. There will be snack foods around camp (chips, blackberries etc).

Dinner on Friday is provided, and dinner Saturday is provided.

Drinks. Fresh, cold well water is provided from the spigot. We will have a few cases of bubbly water. You will have a chance to purchase drinks on Friday at Grocery Outlet or a Carniceria in Hillsboro; this will be our last store stop before riding to camp. Our support vehicles can drive items back to camp.

Ice chests will be available to store cold items. 

Menu, updated as we make items!

Friday - Travel Day




Lunch - in a park, bring your own

Dinner- at camp, provided

(taco theme)


Saturday At Camp

Breakfast -  eggs and oatmeal provided, bring extra if needed

Lunch - bring your own, some snacks available

Dinner - provided

(summer salad theme)

Sunday - Travel Day

 Breakfast -  eggs and oatmeal provided, bring extra if needed

Lunch - back in Portland, on your own

Saturday Activity Options

Choose your own adventure

- Morning Yoga with Mercedes on the grass

- Daytime

Floating in the pond

Quiet relaxation - walk around, read, crafts etc. 

Visit the goats

Self- Guided Winery Tour


- Evening

Group Dinner

Campfire & S'mores


Star gazing

Packing List

Here's a list of essentials for our 3-day event. Keep in mind that all of these items will need to be carried on your bike for the duration of the ride (a few hours, minimum). We suggest panniers over backpacks and getting creative with attaching stuff to your bike.


  • ­Tent

  • ­Sleeping bag

  • ­Sleeping pad

  • ­Pillow

  • Rag for cleaning

  • ­Extra tube & patch kit

  • Towel

  • Sunscreen

  • Toiletries

  • Toothbrush & paste

  • Headlamp or light

  • ­Portable phone charger

  • ­Plastic bags for shoe covers, wet clothes, etc.

  • A few extra zip-loc bags 

  • Band-aids 

  • Cash (including TriMet MAX fare)

  • Refillable container for water

  • Any medications or supplements

  • Your picnic lunch for Friday

  • Your breakfast & lunch for Saturday & Sunday

  • Snacks

  • Bowl, utensil, cup for coffee or tea


  • ­Cycling outfit: whatever you prefer to bike in! (padded bike shorts are highly recommended)

  • At least 1 additional outfit for camp & lounging

  • Extra socks

  • ­Rain gear

  • ­Cold weather camp clothes (whatever you need for temps down to 40), e.g., hoodie, sweatshirt, long underwear, warm socks

  • ­Change of underwear

  • Camp shoes or flip flops

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Gloves

  • Bandana

  • Swimsuit/clothes for pond fun


  • ­Sitting pad

  • Beach towel

  • ­Tire levers, chain lube, mini pump

  • Gum

  • ­Pocket knife

  • Folding chair or stool

  • Book

  • Pen(s) & notebook

  • Bungee, extra line, carabiners, etc.

  • Stamps for postcards

  • Cards or other games to play

  • Bug repellent

  • Growler

We can haul larger items (shared canopy, camp chairs etc). Let us know if this applies for you and we'll coordinate transport. If you've already mentioned your needs in the registration form we'll be in touch.

Taking Care

There are a few ways we can prepare individually and support each other during the warm weather:
Drink Water.

Use some electrolyte tablets if you can. 

Create your own air conditioner. 
It can help to have sun coverage with a lightweight fabric (loose fitting long sleeves in a light color can do the trick). At the stops, you can pour some water on yourself and feel the a.c. effect when you start rolling again. Don't forget sunglasses, a visor, and sun protection.

Be mindful of how you feel. Please ask for help. 
We hope that you feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment with this bike ride. If you find yourself beyond a safe space for your body and mind please let us know what we can do to help you. If needed, we can easily arrange to have someone in a vehicle pick you up and drive to camp. 

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